Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crazy Days!

Well - it's been another busy day around here... The morning started off with walking the dogs, a stint on the treadmill, a quick shower, updated the calendar, and got some ebay and paperbackswap.com packages out in the mail.

We had some hog for lunch - cooked slow in the oven. It was delicious!

I ran to Pasadena after lunch... picked up Andrew's plasma cutter from the repair shop, and then payment from a client. I stopped for groceries on the way home (as well as a cup of coffee - free coupon for a vanilla capuccino from McDonald's).

Andrew took Trae a different direction, and picked up some fence panels from Freecycle. The two of them dropped the fence panels off at Lana's house, chopped some fence posts that they needed cut, and made it home before I did.

Once I arrived home, the groceries got put away, we ate supper, and then Andrew & I ground up 1 1/2 of the 3 wild hogs that we got last week out at Grandma's. We finished up around midnight, and now we're sitting down "chilling" before heading to bed.

Tomorrow's Tuesday - and so far, the plan is for a quiet day of school work... Zachary will go to Blake's house in the afternoon, while Vicki & I go to Sit & Stitch up at Tomball College. Fun times! LOL (Of course, at some point we have to make a list of parts we need for Vicki's Beetle - a friend of ours said to get him the list, and he'd see what he could get from a friend of HIS... totally nifty!)

In the meantime, it's definitely WAY past my bedtime... y'all sleep good! Good night!