Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Productive Week

You know it's been a productive week when you've been able to help pass out clothes to a total of 13 families... I've also acquired a BRAND NEW stove from someone who didn't want a black stove - and am trading my 10 year old white stove for it... gotta love THAT! I've taken care of scheduling some dr appointments that I've been putting off... A sleep study for myself, the neurologist for Vicki's eye, and the podiatrist for Vicki's foot...

We picked up a new goat from someone last week - he had wandered into her yard and never left, and no one claimed him, so we've given him a home... we dropped Lucy off at the Butcher last week, and will probably get her back next week (packaged - not walking LOL).

Jessica had her birthday this week - she was able to spend the afternoon with some friends who took her to P.F. Chang's for dinner (which she LOVED!)... she was excited about her TMNT tshirt that we gave her, and she was able to pick out a couple of Wii games to rent from Blockbuster. We also got her a Wii points card so that she could get a couple of download games. She's a happy camper!

I'm working on going through and picking out next years curriculum. I managed to get the 11th Grade Lifepac workbooks from - so that takes care of those... (gotta love trading books for other books - especially when it means curriculum coming in!). Now to finish off the rest of next year... I'll probably list the Switched on Schoolhouse 4th & 5th grade discs that I have and order the ones that I need. That will certainly help with the education budget.

I also need to finish working on the website for one of the ministries in our church - and that task will take care of the cost of the kids going to summer camp this year. Bartering is a beautiful thing! You have to appreciate life when you can work out the cost of things with other people that way...

The hens are back up to laying eggs the way they're supposed to be (after the shock of moving into a larger coop) - so we're staying stocked up on fresh eggs (totally yummy!).

I was able to get Vicki's dress cut out last night... so now I need to sit down, pin it, size it on her, re-pin it, and sew it up. It's going to be so cute! She's really excited about it....

That's about it for the last couple of weeks - definitely busy around here, but it's all good!