Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a New Year!

Well, 2011 has slammed into us and is already flying past... I know we're only 2 weeks into the new year, but it already feels like so much has happened.

Andrew's job is going well - he's been informed that he's going to be going out in the field to be a trainer... they already have about 6 weeks worth of training lined up for him out in West Virginia. Spread out through February, March, and April. I always hate when he travels... I miss him when he's gone. Of course, the important things will be getting him his own ipod charger to take with him, and loading more audiobooks on his ipod for the trips. (It's the only way he reads books... and he usually falls asleep that way LOL)

A friend of mine has been spending her week at the hospital this past week, and will probably be there next week as well. Her husband is in the ICU, so I'm trying to make sure that I'm available if/when she needs me. She's always doing so much for everyone else, so while I don't like the REASON, I'm glad to be able to do something that helps HER.

Victoria was invited to a lovely outing that took place this evening. We pulled out her fancy dress for the semi-formal occasion. She attended a musical at the Hobby Center in Houston, and dinner at the beautiful Artista restaurant. Her friend Nathan looked positively handsome in his suit and fedora, too. His mom was totally incredible for inviting Vicki to the outing. I know Vicki absolutely enjoyed the evening. She was still glowing with happiness when we got home.

Brittani's been a happy camper - Jerry the Donkey has been letting Brittani climb on his back and sit on him. He'll walk in circles while she sits there. Britt is completely thrilled with it. I'll need to post pictures :-)

Zachary has been spending as much time as he can at Blake's house. The two boys are such good buddies - and I'm so glad. I know Zachary gets tired of hanging out with just his sisters... too much girl time is NOT happy as far as he's concerned. I did give him a tshirt at Christmas that's become a favorite, though. (The girls aren't impressed with it, though LOL). The shirt reads "My sister did it." So obviously it HAD to become his favorite, right?

Trae has a new friend, too... Rhonda introduced Aaron to him, and those boys have been spending lots of time together, too. They're big enough to do work, though... so both families have been utilizing them LOL We used them one weekend to move furniture between multiple houses. This weekend they're at Aaron's uncle's house pulling up carpet... although we might pick them up for a little while tomorrow to pick up a safe that someone's giving us.

I guess that leaves Jessica to update on - but there's not much to update. She's working on another book, enjoying the "how to draw" books that I gave her for Christmas... she wanted to work on learning to draw Manga, and she also works on fashion design on her drawings. Now to bring some of her drawings to life, and she'll be a happy camper. Of course, I still have some sleep pants that I need to finish sewing... they're still stacked  up on the kitchen table waiting on me. Hopefully I can get those finished this week.

Christmas was good - I cooked Chicken Schnitzel for Christmas Eve dinner, and had a house full of happy tummies. We had a traditional turkey dinner on Christmas Day, though at Andrew's parents. It was totally yummy! The treasure hunt on Christmas Eve went well, too. It's always fun... Andrew's parents are so creative! And I love that they stay organized with the whole thing, too. The kids enjoy it every year. We don't do "big" Christmas gifts - they're not in the budget... but we do make sure that Christmas is memorable, and I love that we have so much fun.

New Years? That was also our 20th anniversary this year... did we do anything exciting? Nope... had a casual night in, with summer sausage, cheese, crackers, and wine in front of a movie, and we were asleep by 10:30pm LOL - we were tired... what can I say?

I think that catches up to the current excitement... although I'm on a quest to find a new "nice dinner" for next Christmas. Andrew enjoys my cooking skills and likes to show them off, so I'll have to create something new that he'll want to show off next year instead of doing Schnitzel again (although it is VERY good Schnitzel... just sayin' )

It's almost 11pm - and definitely past my bedtime... I did sleep in this morning, though. We were up late last night, and I still can't believe I slept until 9:45 this morning. I know the kids opened the bedroom door & asked if they could watch TV, but I went right back to sleep after that. (Of course, it doesn't help that my monthly friend is visiting, and being VERY cranky... AND I woke up coughing after midnight... so I took half a hydrocodone and some nyquil at that hour, so it's no wonder that I sleep late )

Well - hope everyone is well, and I resolve to do better on updating this blog more frequently. I'd definitely like it to become a better habit. It makes for a good diary... Good night!